so who is ready?

i am not :D

/still working on cosplay

yeahh and its no where near finished OTL;;;

oh well can't wait to see everyone! <3 <3

/goes back to working on assessment & cosplay


since the winner has be annouced and the finals already be boardcasted on sbs! i think its now safe me to talk about it! 8D

got to watch the first semi finals but not the second semi finals because i was out celebrating cailin & clare's bday (see mblog for more info on this!) also got up at 5am to watch the finals live! /crazy xD

so yeahh! Germany won <3 with 246 points, "Sateilla" Lena, hmmm :/ it was a catchy song i must admit buuut it didn't have the eurovision style i like! XD nice song tho <3

sad that Lituania didn't get though! DD: the pants should of won them! song was catchy as well!


tom dice and Alexander Rybak <3 <3 Tom was so cuuute back stage when the results were be read out! <3 keep making love heart signs and making adorable faces! and Rybak i just love him! <3

and greece!! one of my favourite performances of the night! <3 OPA! also loved Serbia, Albania, Moldova, Denmark and Romania geez i love to much! XD <3



hahaha having fun with my webcam you can tell i get bored easily


whats this i don't even...


"sitting alone, eating. i sit next to the bin so people up to me wwww"

i swear mary is so cute at times! >3333< lol a text i got from her, when i accidently sent her the wrong one! XD


lol since everyone seems to be using there fc2 blog more i may as well!! 8DD i've had this for agesssss but i never really use it!! XDD my last attempt obivous fail, i have to many bblogs OTL

Dasoku!! >3< i love his voice so much!! ravi sent me a list of all his songs and i can't stop listening fjhojhhgf!! listening to glitter box atm


<3 <3

original find him with his magnet ver with clear *A*