at the moment i'm trying to work out my smash! cosplay :/ *coughshouldbeworkingonsupanovacough*

but its being a pain in the rear :/ i'm doing hungary's War of Austrian Succession verison and because the comic strip doesn't give much (only from the stomach up to do you see what she wears) i've come to the conclusion that i will design it myself

but its really annoying at the same time! idk, i want to start designing but i feel like i don't have enough references and i know its happen with so many of my costumes, i'm half way through the costume and then i realize i have to go and look references pictures because i don't have enough of the back or whatever and i don't want to this to happen with my hungary

hahaha this is a terrible rant isn't it?! i'm just too much of a person who like sticking to canon |D;;; sooo not looking forward designing rin either OTL;;;

here to hoping that the anime gives me good ideas!! <3 HOPPPPPEEEEEE


I'm the same! I die when I don't have a reference of something and have to make it up/use artistic interpretation...because what if it's not cannon, dammit?! Heaven forbid!

But because Hetalia's a historic thing, you could look up uniforms and things of the time period and country and replicate so that, so you're historically accurate! o/

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