why hello my friends ;D

i haven't updated in awhile! well actually any of my journals xDDD;;; i've a Sydnova report done on word WEEKS ago just never posted it XD and i need to do a Avcon one as well, hopefully i'm getting around to posting them soon! Avcon on might go up at DA, we shall see 8D

SMASH! is also this weekend! 8DD favourite con of the year!! so looking forward to it! especially getting to cosplay with my group!! also performing a skit at smash! which i haven't be in the cosplay competition since last year! so i'm kinda of nervous @_@;;; i hope i don't screw up our skit! /goes to practice more

so! i shall post up some progress pictures! please note, that since i've worked on my costume more today, these aren't update progress xD;;
drr khr shoot 499
the jacket 8D

drr khr shoot 501
and the hattttttt~~ <3

so yeah i have more progress then this now but i'm to lazy to upload or take more photos! XDDD;;;

in other news, i'm nearly half way through college @_@;;; well it is a short 4 months/1 semester course, my marks are pretty good! tho i still need to improve in some areas 8D but other than that i'm happy <3 i've made friends and such, its so different from school, its more accepting and less bitchy xD i like it <3

ok! see hopefully some of you at smash! <3


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