at the moment i'm trying to work out my smash! cosplay :/ *coughshouldbeworkingonsupanovacough*

but its being a pain in the rear :/ i'm doing hungary's War of Austrian Succession verison and because the comic strip doesn't give much (only from the stomach up to do you see what she wears) i've come to the conclusion that i will design it myself

but its really annoying at the same time! idk, i want to start designing but i feel like i don't have enough references and i know its happen with so many of my costumes, i'm half way through the costume and then i realize i have to go and look references pictures because i don't have enough of the back or whatever and i don't want to this to happen with my hungary

hahaha this is a terrible rant isn't it?! i'm just too much of a person who like sticking to canon |D;;; sooo not looking forward designing rin either OTL;;;

here to hoping that the anime gives me good ideas!! <3 HOPPPPPEEEEEE


since the winner has be annouced and the finals already be boardcasted on sbs! i think its now safe me to talk about it! 8D

got to watch the first semi finals but not the second semi finals because i was out celebrating cailin & clare's bday (see mblog for more info on this!) also got up at 5am to watch the finals live! /crazy xD

so yeahh! Germany won <3 with 246 points, "Sateilla" Lena, hmmm :/ it was a catchy song i must admit buuut it didn't have the eurovision style i like! XD nice song tho <3

sad that Lituania didn't get though! DD: the pants should of won them! song was catchy as well!


tom dice and Alexander Rybak <3 <3 Tom was so cuuute back stage when the results were be read out! <3 keep making love heart signs and making adorable faces! and Rybak i just love him! <3

and greece!! one of my favourite performances of the night! <3 OPA! also loved Serbia, Albania, Moldova, Denmark and Romania geez i love to much! XD <3

saturday's shoot! 8DD

as most people in Australia seem to be having a shoot this weekend i was as well! <3

lolololol ok its a hetalia one >_>;;; please i know its overrated and so popular but i still in enjoy the series, so please don't hate me for this D:

anywayyy~ i cosplayed America! in which my wig actually made me look like canada ;O; i got the wig on the day and forgot my hair spray and i didn't want to try a ten sec job and then hate it later! D:

lol i did a ver from a dousijhi from one of my favourite circle OMEGA 2-D *A* not only do there make beauliful hetalia ones but also gundam 00, reborn! and there also started doing DURARARA! 8DDD there art is AMAZING and i just love them so so so much! <3

<3 <3



trying to copy the pose above, my fav shot <3



LOL ITS THE COLD WARRR, i love you jo <3

great day it was!! happy bday Meg <3



hahaha having fun with my webcam you can tell i get bored easily


whats this i don't even...


"sitting alone, eating. i sit next to the bin so people up to me wwww"

i swear mary is so cute at times! >3333< lol a text i got from her, when i accidently sent her the wrong one! XD